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What are Truebones Motions?

Howdy Folks, Im Mr.Bones

Many People ask me "Just what are Truebones anyways?"

Simply put Truebones are time saving, premade motions, created by animators for animators.

Truebones Motions are fun and easy to use, HQ pre-made mocap animations that you can use in your favorite 3D programs.

Truebones Motions in BVH format employ a superiorly consistent 24 bones skeletal design structure and naming convention.

Truebones saves you time by doing the cleanup and organization that is required for any serious use of FREE BVH files for you.

Unfortunatly using Free motion files on the net is a huge time waster and results in much uneeded frustration.

This is because most freely available motion capture animations on the Internet varys in format ie,(.BVH .ASF .CSM .FBX etc) including skeletal size, position, structure, naming, organization and frame rate convention.

Truebones motions in BVH format are better and easier to use because among many improvements they share the same joint na…